Café Classics

Drip 8oz, 2; 12oz, 3

Espresso 2.50

Americano 2.50

Macchiato 3

Cortado 4

Cappuccino 4

Flat White 4

Black Eye 4

Misto 4

Latte 5

Mocha 5

House-made Hot Chocolate 5

Additional Espresso Shot 1

Flavour Shot 1

Café Specialties

Sweet Little Thing 6

A doubleshot of espresso cold shaken with vanilla and

Cream, then topped with fragrant cocktail bitters.

Served ice cold in a rocks glass

Friday’s Mule 5

Our twist on the classic Moscow Mule – a tall glass of ginger beer infused with house lime syrup and topped with a doubleshot of espresso

Golden Latte 6

A beautiful blend of turmeric, pink peppercorn, ginger, allspice, lemongrass, blackpepper and milk. Available hot, iced, or “dirty” with a doubleshot of espresso

Cardamom Latte 6

Our delectable latte infused with all natural cardamom syrup. Available hot or iced, the cardamom latte has a fresh spice profile reminiscent of a ginger snap cookie

Espresso Tonic 5

A classic – espresso poured atop a sparkling glass of tonic water. Light and breezy with a hint of citrus and Chocolate

*all Espresso Beverages Are Doubles And Are Available Iced


Green Tea

Milk Oolong 3

Matcha 3

Herbal Tea

Organic Elderberry Hibiscus 3

Organic Kashi Ginger 3

Evergreen Peppermint 3

Black Tea

Assam Breakfast 3

Cream Of Earl Grey 3

Roots Chai 3

Tea Lattes

Matcha Latte 5

London Fog 5

Turmeric Latte 6

Roots Chai 5


Blackberry Lemonade 4

Sweet Tea Cider 4

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